The Story of The Good Life Refill

About Us


Hi there! 

I'm Heni, the owner of The Good Life Refill - nice to meet you. 

I started The Good Life Refill in May 2020 during lockdown.


Owning a zero-waste shop has been a dream of mine for a long time, but it seemed like a crazy idea to pursue. It took the world shutting down for me to realise that it was a crazy idea not to do it. 

The climate crisis is already here and the worst impacts of it may be irreversible by 2030. Going zero-waste is one of the best ways we can help slow down this crisis. But trying to live a zero-waste or even an eco-friendly lifestyle is hard. We're told to take on this responsibility as individuals, but often there aren't the businesses or options available to make it possible. 

Having lived in cities around the world and seen how successful zero-waste shops can be, I wanted to bring one to this little corner of Beds and Bucks that I call home.

It's about trying to do business differently so that it's good for the planet, good for the local community and good for us as individuals. 

Am I a perfect zero-waster?

Not at all, but I'm getting closer everyday. Zero-waste is a philosophy in action and an ongoing journey. 

I'm an advocate for slow fashion and haven't bought new clothes in over a year. I'm nearly zero-waste when it comes to my beauty and bathroom products. And I'm educating myself on household cleaning products. I grow a lot of my own veggies and buy from the market when I can't. 

I don't have all the answers, but I'm committed to learning and love having conversations with my customers about how we can all do better.

Passion for good food

One of the best things in life is good food. I love to cook and I love sourcing products for the shop that I know are good quality, all organic and affordable.

To the future...
The Good Life Refill was set up with the believe that we can build a better future. As part of that, The Good Life Refill promises to continue to source ethical and quality products. But, it will also provide workshops on sustainable living and one day set down its mobile roots in bricks & motor to create a sustainability hub. 

This is only the beginning. Thank you for your support x