Active Hope: Book Study Group

Where: On Zoom

When: Alternate Mondays 6.30pm – 8pm UK time, from Monday 25th April 2022

(until we work through the book!)

Facilitated by Zoey, Ellen and Patricia

The spiral of the Work That Reconnects, drawn by Dori Midnight for Joanna Macy

We invite you to join us in a discussion group based on the book by Joanna Macy: "Active Hope: How to Face the Mess we're in without going crazy." In this book, Joanna gives us tools to cope with the interweaving crises we face: ecological, social, political.

We group facilitators come from the position that - although there are some things we cannot change - we can change how we respond to things.

Although we may despair at times, despair need not cripple or paralyze us.

We can learn how to be more resilient.

We find in community the strength to acknowledge difficult future scenarios.

As Joanna says, "We may not know the future, but we do know we are alive now, so there is no excuse not to do everything we can to save the Earth."

We seek to answer the questions: How can we be more alive? How can we serve ourselves, other people and Earth?

An opportunity to express our grief and our gratitude. The book study group will be a shared space, where respect for each other and compassion for what arises will be core. Active listening is at the heart of it, and we will be using open ended questions, mirroring exercises, poems and visualisations.

Depending on numbers, some exercises will be undertaken in pairs or small groups. We will begin and end each meeting with a short grounding.

Each meeting will be between an hour and 1.5 hours long. Over time there will be possible opportunities to share the facilitation, and we are looking forward to the group being a co-creation by all participants.

It is recommended you have a copy of the Active Hope book, we will be using it as the ground for the facilitation of our meetings.

If you wish to join us on this journey, or at least want to come along to the initial meeting to find out more, please email We will make sure you have the zoom link for the meeting before the 25th April. Also, feel free to email any questions you may have about the book study group, not answered above.

Warm wishes,

Zoey, Ellen and Patricia

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