Brown Lentils

Brown Lentils

Brown lentils�are a variety that hold their shape nicely, and can be used similarly to green lentils. They have a mild and earthy flavor. They're�like the all-in-one lentil, because they are delicious mashed into veggie burgers, as a salad topper, or even blended into soup. Cook these for�35-45 minutes.
  • Nutritional Info

    100 grams (g) of cooked lentils contains: 116 calories (kcal) 9.02 g of protein 0.38 g of fat 20.13 g of carbohydrates, including 7.9 g of fiber and 1.8 g of sugar
  • Allergy Advice

    free from gluten, milk, peanut, egg and soya.�
  • Supplier

    Infinity Foods Co-Operative
  • Brand

    Infinity Bulk
  • Storage

    Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place
  • Country of origin


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