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Baking Essentials

For getting that perfect rise in your cake and breads.


Beans & Lentils

The savvy cooks best friend - quick cook lentils for your curries, and wholesome beans for your stews. 
(Don't be afraid of the dried beans! They just need a little soak first and then they're ready for full-flavour action)


Breakfast Cereals

The most important meal of the day. Whether you're a big bowl for breakfast or an evening snacker, our range of breakfast bits are guaranteed to keep you going.


Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

Curb those snack cravings with our delicious dried fruits, healthy seeds, and fabulous nuts.
They're ideal for topping your breakfasts, adding into your bakes, and mixing up your curries.



Discover Matthews Cotswold Flour, Britain's artisan flour miller, where t