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Get to know the makers and suppliers of our products



Dry Foods Supplier

At Infinity, providing an extensive range of high quality vegetarian foods is what they do and this has been their commitment from the outset.

As a worker's co-operative, they are a business run by, and for, their workers. They practice an equitable form of business that is not solely driven by profit margins.

They believe that it is their responsibility to provide food that is as far as possible, natural and unadulterated, free from GM and hydrogenated fat, organic accredited and sourced from companies with high ethical standards.

As well as trading and building relations with producers and suppliers in developing countries, they are equally as committed to sourcing as much as possible locally. They aim for a fair and just business practice with all of their trading partners, suppliers and producers and in turn, their customers.

They also recycle their own-generated glass, cans, plastic, 'Tetra-pak and cardboard waste. The boxes used to pack Infinity Foods own brand products are, wherever possible, collected from their customers and used time and time again.

Their beliefs do not sit at the peripheries of their business; they are and have been pivotal to their ethos for over 35 years. This is their bottom line and what motivates them both in the here and now and in the long-term.

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Pasta Supplier

When it comes to pasta, we are as passionate as they get!
After taking a leap of faith to pursue our dreams, we began building our business in the summer of 2019, with an ambition to develop, produce and sell premium quality YORKSHIRE PASTA.
Since then, we have been busy sourcing ingredients, fine-tuning recipes, carrying out market research and have even built a food production unit from scratch!
Having spent many hours studying the high quality pasta producers of Italy, often family run artisan businesses themselves, we have learnt, practised and refined their traditional methods. Combining these techniques with our locally milled wheat flour ensures that we create the most superb tasting and perfectly textured YORKSHIRE PASTA every time.



Flour Mill

With a milling legacy spanning eight generations, Matthews Cotswold Flour is one of the UK’s oldest family-run flour mills. Trading grain and milling flour in the heart of the Cotswolds since the 1800s. We believe passionately that our local farming partnerships, traditional milling methods and premium grain selection make for better baking.
We are proud to offer premium quality Organic and Stoneground Wholegrain flour, using grain from local farmers and time-honoured milling techniques.



Loose Leaf Tea Suppliers

Started by 2 friends at the end of 2011, Tealicious is a small family run business based in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire.

When Katie and Louise used to meet at a café or garden centre the conversation would almost invariably start off with a comment on the tea bag floating in the cup or the metal tea pot which wouldn’t pour.

They realised that it was almost impossible to get a good quality loose leaf tea served in a proper tea pot.

So they decided to do it themselves and Tealicious was born.

Katie’s husband Nigel had spent his whole career working as a Tea Taster, Buyer and Blender so it was easy for them to get the contacts they needed and after tasting many samples they found the right teas to meet their exacting requirements.

They also tried out many different tea pots before finding one they were happy to recommend and supply.

So, now with a wide range of teas including a Chamomile and an Earl Grey and having been joined by Nigel, and Louise’s husband, Simon, Tealicious is ready to expand, offering its range to a wider tea loving audience.

Take Time for Tealicious



Liquid Refill Suppliers

SESI Detergents 

Over the years we became dissatisfied with unaffordable brands which made it difficult for most people to refill their plastic bottles. Our formulas of sustainable detergents are low impact to Earth and don’t cost people’s pockets. We work to keep up with important issues such as farming, human rights, animal rights, food justice, forestry protection, personal health and our way of life on the environment.  We don’t claim to be perfect, but based on the information we gather, we do our best to make carefully balanced and holistic choices on our ingredients.

  • Our products are vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable

  • SESI formulas whilst gentle, actually clean!  *Feedback of SESI Non-Bio from a customer at The Market Gardens

  • For fragrances, we don’t use ‘exotic’ plants, we’re determined to cut on carbon footprint where possible

  • Our prices leave a decent margin to stockists

  • Customers keen to refill can afford SESI products, making the refill revolution a higher and wider environmental impact

  • We collect the containers to clean and put back in circulation, making our operation truly zero waste from manufacturing to delivery

  • At SESI we practice transparency. We are not complaisant and dig deep for uncomfortable truths about any products, specially our own

SESI has grown organically within a thriving community in Oxford, and we’re now reaching further across England, creating green jobs and collaborating with charities and small NGO’s such as Bicester Green and Restore Charity in Oxford, and Roots And Cycles in London. Our positive impact makes it relevant for us to continue being long term members of CAGS and Good Food Oxford.  We are fervent supporters of a circular and local economy.



Plantable Cards

We buy on average 33 cards each in the UK alone, per year. Where do these cards end up?
Stashed away for a rainy day perhaps or at best recycled. Loop Loop cards provide a sustainable solution for card giving. A small piece of hope for a brighter future. 

Sophie is the force behind Loop Loop. She started her revolutionary business in 2018. 

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Reusable Grocery Bags

Way back in 2002 when plastic bags were still spilling off the end of our supermarket tills, Turtle Bags was established to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and sell alternatives. 

Plastic in our seas is a problem which is invisible to most of us in our daily lives but will be causing problems for many decades disrupting food chains and suffocating sea life. Leatherback Turtles travel to British Waters looking for jellyfish. Sadly, they mistake our discarded plastic bags for their favourite food. 

We work with our fair trade partners who share our environmental values to supply environmentally friendly bags. Inspired by turtles, our Turtle Bags are a practical reminder that plastic never goes away.

We are a company who like to lead the way in our work but remain true to our ethos. We have a long standing partnership with the Marine Conservation Society and donate 10% of our profits to them.

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Reusable Food Wraps and Bags

Bec launched Planet Picnic in January 2019 after she had begun sewing products for her family. She is driven by making the world a better place for her daughter. 

Planet Picnic is built on the following ethos: 

  • Products That Can Help You Make A Big Difference

Her products are designed for everyday life. The snack and sandwich bags for on the go living, and reusable covers and food wraps to keep leftovers fresh. The perfect alternative to disposable food wrapping, made to last.

  • Sustainability

Each product is made using reclaimed fabric instead of buying in new reels. It gives the fabric another life and also makes each design Limited Edition. They're made using renewable energy.​ Packaging is either reused, donated, or made from recycled materials. Handmade in Rothwell, 

Northamptonshire, U.K.

  • Always Ethically Sourced Materials

Finding for the perfect lining was no easy task, the products had to align with my values, including being Vegan, but also needed to keep the food fresh  for long periods and be waterproof. 

I got there in the end, the waterproof fabric is BPA, lead and phylate free, and on top of those things, it is hypo-allergenic too.

The lining is a polyester and vinyl mix.

The outer is either 100% cotton, or a cotton and polyester mix.

Our Suppliers: Team
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