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The 5 R rules for Zero Waste were defined by Bea Johnson, author of the book Zero Waste Home (2013).

The rules were born from Bea and her family setting out to make changes in what they bought and how they used it. They were so successful, they managed to reduce their monthly waste down to just one jar!

At The Good Life Refill, we know this level of waste reduction might not be achievable for everyone, so we've jotted down some details of the 5 Rs below, but be sure to check out our blog for easy ways to slowly takes steps to reducing your waste. 

1) Refuse - we're surrounded by items that call out to be bought or taken, and we live in a world where immediate purchase is a given. Refusing is about thinking before you buy - does this product really need to be in your life?

2) Reduce - be aware of what you buy and what you own. Reducing down your possessions (through channels such as gifting/charity shops) makes them easier to manage and can build a greater sense of pride and value in what you do purchase. But be careful not to rush out and buy a load more things after you've reduced.

3) Re-using - this is about being imaginative with how you can re-use items and so prevent, or limit the amount of, disposable items going to landfill.

4) Recycle - the options can vary by council and county, but its an important step in working towards reducing waste.

5) Rot - celebrate compost! We'll have a post on this soon, but composting is easy, free, and a great way to reduce waste and give your garden a boost.

The Zero-Waste Ethos: Welcome
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